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Neighbourhood Plan relaunched

NP logoAfter a pause of some months for reflection Botley Parish Council is relaunching its development of a Neighbourhood Plan, which on completion will be submitted to Eastleigh Borough Council.

You have an opportunity to reflect on what has happened recently and to influence how your village will develop in the future. You may already have taken part in one of the two previous local surveys or commented at the exhibitions held at the Botley Centre.

We need local residents who would like to take an active part in the Neighbourhood Plan Committee to contact the Parish Clerk to find out what is involved and how to apply by visiting the Parish Office in the Botley Centre, by phoning the Parish Office on 01489 787181 or by email to

We will be arranging further public exhibitions at the Botley Centre and will advertise these as widely as is possible. We hope that you will come to one of these both to see how the Neighbourhood Plan is progressing and share your views about the future of Botley with us.

On behalf of Botley Parish CouncilBotley logo5

Councillor David Weeden

Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee

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