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The Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 consultation formally started on Monday 24 October and ends at 9:00AM on Monday 12th December.  The Neighbourhood Plan looks to the future of Botley Parish until 2036. It has to pass both the Regulation 14 and Regulation 15 stages. When Adopted, EBC has to take it into account in Planning Applications and other matters.
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pdf.pngExecutive Summary Regulation 14 HOT [Size 1.45 MB] - Created 2022-10-16 - Changed
pdf.pngAppendix 1 -Design Guide 1HOT [Size 4.32 MB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed
pdf.pngAppendix 2 Strategic Environmental Assessment Report HOT [Size 730.97 KB] - Created 2022-10-03 - Changed

This 58 page report examines the the potential building sites proposed in the Neighbourhood Plan.  After excluding sites already allocated in the EBC Local Plan, it concurs with the Neighbourhood Plan that the two Woodhill School sites, which total 40 dwellings, are the ony viable sites that meet the Strategic Assessment criteria.

pdf.pngAppendix 3 Habitat Regulation Assessment HOT [Size 5.44 MB] - Created 2022-10-03 - Changed

This very long document has 387 pages but the part specific to Botley is in the first 26 pages. It has 5 Appendices.  Appendix 1 is a map of Botley Parish.  Appendix 2 (219 pages) covers relevant conservation information from English Nature and Natural England for this part of Southen England. Appendix 3 (28 pages) relates to the conservation of wild birds and RAMSAR Wetland whilst Appendix 4 (88 pages) is concerned with some rarer fauna and flora. Finally Appendix 5 (22 pages) deals with the Emer Bog Special Area of Conservation.

pdf.pngAppendix 4 Community Aspirations HOT [Size 166 KB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed
pdf.pngAppendix 5 Housing Needs Assessment HOT [Size 953.86 KB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed
xlsx.pngAppendix 6 (A) Botley Sites Assessment HOT [Size 23.25 KB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed

This is a large spreadsheet giving technical assessment of potential development locations.  It is Protected against changes. 

It does not open in the browser and needs to be downloaded. It may then be viewed with  Excel or similar.

pdf.pngAppendix 6 (B) Botley Site Assessment Locations HOT [Size 938.4 KB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed
pdf.pngAppendix 7 Botley Listed Buildings HOT [Size 121.83 KB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed

A list of National and Local Listed Buildings.  There are 51 nationally listed buildings in Botley, more than in any other other part of EBC.

pdf.pngAppendix 8 Botley demographic data HOT [Size 263.06 KB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed
docx.pngComments Form HOT [Size 14.47 KB] - Created 2022-10-23 - Changed 2022-10-23

This comment form is for those people who would prefer to send in their written comments rather than use SurveyMonkey.

Please send by post or deliver the comment form to:

Botley Parish Council, The Botley Centre, High Street, Botley, Southampton, SO30 2ES

surveymonkey32.pngLink to SurveyMonkey [Size 0] - Created 2022-10-23 - Changed

The link to SurveyMonkey is now Closed

Botley Symbol-600dp-large-trans.pngLink to Interactive Map of Botley [Size 0] - Created 2022-10-25 - Changed 2022-10-26

Click interactive map of Botley to view.(opens in a new tab/window)

Use the Scroll wheel on your mouse or the +/- symbols at top left to enlarge/reduce map size. Use left button to drag.

Click onadd layer at top right of interactive map to see overlays of Conservation areas, Policy 3, Policy4, etc.

In Policy 6 (Settlement Gaps) Blue overlay is EBC existing, Purple is NP addition.

pdf.pngLetter to Residents HOT [Size 156.22 KB] - Created 2022-10-23 - Changed
pdf.pngPolicy 3 Green Space Maps HOT [Size 2.14 MB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed
pdf.pngPolicy 6 Settlement Gap Maps HOT [Size 2.42 MB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed 2022-10-29

These images give a view of the proposed areas in Policy 6 to be included as additional settlement gaps. (S6)

pdf.pngPolicy 11 Flood Zone Maps HOT [Size 3.11 MB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed