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There are FOUR vacancies on Botley Parish Council following an uncontested election on 02 May 2024.
The vacancies will be filled by co-option at a Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 11 June 2024.
To obtain an application form please contact the Parish Clerk, email: .
Mrs J Morgan, Parish Clerk         Botley Parish Council,
The Botley Centre, High Street Recreation Ground, High Street,
Botley SO30 2ES      phone: 01489 787181
  The Neighbourhood Plan looks to the future of Botley Parish until 2036.
When Adopted, EBC has to take it into account in Planning Applications and other matters.
For more details click on NP Information

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Differences:  Revised menu system, still a little fine tuning not in place for all secondary menus Market Hall, Botley Centre

22 Feb 2017  first beta release.  Known Outstanding items

1 Captcha not working in messages  fixed 23 feb

2 Minutes etc upload not working fixed 13 March

3 some menus to fix fixed Feb 28

4 testing of Calendar incomplete  xxxx

5 Site Map not in place  Fixed Feb 27

6 line up login button in footer fixed feb 23

7 Adjust some spacing and borders on front page fixed feb 23

8 some links on Parish Council home page should not start new page fixed feb 23

9. make alert size smaller etc fixed feb 23

10 Show logo in main header fixed Feb 25

11. change minutes display to jD in prep for implementing revised upload  Main minutes Financials Newsletters 12 March

12 improve layout for minutes etc to include date and size.26 Feb  Also remove download button? Remove separator line  26 Feb

13 sort out showing Parish Council menu bar not NP menu bar when showing Minutes Downloads. Fixed 11th March

14 sort out downloading NP minutes and Agenda fixed 11th March

15 resolve up loading issues for NP fixed 12 March

16 resolve uploading issues for PC fixed 13 march

17  re-organise Editor docs

18 upgrade to php 7.1  done 12 March

19 check out user capabilities

20 make site secure https://  Done 12 March

21 resurect Baptisms database  Fixed 4 April

22. At last sorted out the Noticeboard!! fixed 27 March

23. upgraded calendar so now working OK  fixed 30 March

24. discovered site map not working for https site-ugh!!  Partially fixed but long column 5April

25, Broken Links on Churches page. Fixed 2 April

26.Resolve users image directories

27 Modify Batism Database table number of entries/page

28. Fix Links on Front Page

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